Looking Down

There’s lots of information out there these days about living with depression.. but there seems to be very little about living with someone who lives with depression. And you should probably know something about me: until it happened to my husband, i didn’t even believe depression was a real thing. So many people use the […]

Dear Diary: Tuesday 9th October, Part 2

“Do it! Drive! Kill me!” The driver was obviously distressed, and not surprisingly, he was standing in front of her car, with this deranged look on his face, he gets this look in his eyes.. like he’s possessed. I rushed over and pulled him out of the road and the cars cleared. He just walked […]

Dear Diary: Tuesday 9th October

Yesterday my husband tried to kill himself. Again. We had an argument over something so minor it’s laughable, to anyone else… but not for us, we can’t argue, I can’t disagree.. because if I do our arguments are way more than ‘normal’ people’s arguments. So I try not to rock the boat, I really do. […]